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Zoo Keeper Log Star Date 05-08-2013

This is the fox I’m training at the zoo. Her name is Lola and she is a feisty little girl. Right now I’m just working on socializing her so that she will eventually be able to be petted and walked on a lead.

Yesterday was the first day I worked with her, she wouldn’t come down from her shelf which is just a bit higher then my head so maybe 7 ft.

Today I had marked improvement and was not only able to coax her down to  waist high level but all the way down to the ground. Though I wasn’t able to touch her, she almost managed to fall asleep in my presence which shows a higher level of trust.

I keep telling her that once she trusts me enough I will take her  out on a lead to chase birds, squirrels and stoats.

FYI these aren’t my photos I took photos on my phone but I’m tech challenged so I grabbed these from the zoo’s FB page

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