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Give a Punk a Chance - So now we know Gunter predates Marceline Theory...

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So now we know Gunter predates Marceline

Theory One - Gunter was Simon’s son but he was unable to save him from the Mushroom War and or The Ice King

Theory Two - Gunter was another child like Marcy whom Simon tried to save but he was unable to save him.

Theory Three - Gunter really is the penguin which found found immortality one it own and it really is some sort of immortal benevolent creature. As suggested by Hunson Abadeer.

Theory Four - Gunter was his son who became lost during the chaos of the mushroom war but he survived his line continued and Finn is the Ice King’s great great great great great grand child. Also just to throw this out there I think Finn and Susan Strong are related.

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    His son… hm… immortality… why not… gunther… gunther… gunther… I really need to know more about that.
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    Theory Five - Gunter is the former Ice king’s minion.I do not believe that simon ever knew a gunter.
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    Nice! My own theory is that Gunther is the name he and Betty had picked to name their kid if they ever had a son. I...