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History repeating itself

Saturday Erika Menendez was arrested in Queens for the murder of Sunando Sen whom she pushed in front of a train because she believed him to be Muslim. In fact he was a Hindu although that didn’t matter to Ms. Menendez because as she incorrectly believes Hindus and Muslims took down the World Trade Centre so their lives are forfeit.

On August 6th, a man named Wade Michael Page walked into a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and opened fire. He killed 6 people and injured 3 before taking his own life. Although no one can say for sure it is believed that he mistook the temple for an Islamic Mosque.

These are just two of many hateful acts that Hindus and Sikhs have endured due to hateful ignorant people. Understand I am not saying Muslims have this coming the events of 9/11 were committed by worthless human beings who used religion as an excuse for their own hateful actions.

These incidents reminded me of something I learned while studying the Japanese internment during WWII. After the attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese Americans and Canadians became public enemy number one and later they were detained. Even after they were rounded up Chinese immigrants and naturalized citizens were painted with the same brush that Hindus and Sikhs are being painted with todya because the fearful masses couldn’t tell the difference.

As a solution the Chinese were eventually began wearing badges, buttons and lapels that read ‘I’m Chinese’ for what little good it did. The few Japanese that weren’t interned picked up this trick so that they might find some protection.

With the way Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs are being treated in the US, Europe and even Canada I expect it wont take long before ‘I’m Hindu, Sikh or plainly not Muslim, badges being worn by people who simply want peace.Chinese man recieving I'm Chinese Lapel